Sunday, August 12, 2012

my early inspiration

For as long as I can remember, I have been a humanitarian. I strongly believe that my purpose in life is to make a difference and create change. I grew up in a family of modest means. My father was exceptionally hard working, holding two jobs for most of my childhood. He grew up extremely poor and always reminded my siblings and I how lucky we were to have necessities. I learned the value of a dollar at a very young age. Starting around the time I was 10 years old, my grandfather would give me one hundred dollars every time I received all A’s on my report card. Instead of keeping this reward or buying several new Barbie dolls, I always told my parents I wanted to send my money to the Pine Street Inn. We passed it on our ride home from my grandparents' home every week and even from afar, without really knowing what it was, I felt a connection; I even asked my fellow classmates at school to donate. At this young age, a philanthropist was born. I was too young to fully grasp what I was doing, but I knew it made me happy to help others. I received a thank you letter from the Pine Street Inn, stating that I had given three people a few nights of shelter.  Emergency shelter is only one of the many wonderful services the Pine Street Inn offers. It offers programs around permanent housing, job training and placement, street outreach, and recovery. It also advocates on a policy level to help the lives of homeless men and women.

To find out more about the Pine Street Inn or see how to get involved, check out their website at:  Pine Street Inn