What does Philanthropy mean to you?
Its meaning and importance differ from person to person. 

Nicole Floro-"To me, philanthropy is an appreciation for humanity and a focus on improving the lives and well being of people through altruistic initiatives."

Cordy Elkins-"Philanthropy to me is showing others you love and care for them through many avenues whether it be time, money, education, and other resources.  I like to be philanthropic in a variety of methods - I believe this gives more completely and in a balanced manner.  I try to give money, time, and any skills/knowledge I have that can further the goals and mission of organizations I believe in.  I hope that through my efforts I can make more people happier and healthier each day."

Tara Barrows-"But I always say that you don't have to work in the non-profit sector to make a difference in the world. I believe fully that the world is better off when people find what it is they are best at and give it everything they have, whether that's working with people, crunching numbers, fixing cars, painting, or writing code. Whatever it is, if it inspires you or even if it just pays the bills but leaves you feeling fulfilled, you're contributing to the greater good. And that's what is most important for progress, innovation, and real change to occur. People are in a position to be philanthropic-to help others in need and advance humanity-when their own basic needs are taken care of and they've reached that self-actualizing tier of Maslow's hierarchy (aka find their meaning in life.) So find what you love and get after it!"

Mike Patton-"... I just think it means doing what you can, where you can, to make the world a little less shitty for someone or something."   

Emily Wavering- "To me, philanthropy is giving in all senses – giving your time, your passion and your resources to help however you can."

Brendan Hieber-"Philanthropy means to be human.  Philanthrophy means to give what you got: your energy, your mind, your ideas, your experience, your money, your love, your righteous indignation for the injustices that exist, because you cannot take these things with you.  Philanthropy is another means of making yourself heard.  For me, it is important to do these things in a kind way.  When I was growing up, whenever I would leave the house, my mom would always say to me, "Be kind."  So, I also always have those words in my head on some level."

Julia Nelson: Contributing resources to solve specific humanitarian problems.

Christi Turner: "Philanthropy means recognizing that not all communities, causes, and individuals are on equal footing in this world, and moreover that the global economy is not designed to support the types of causes and organizations that will provide benefits to society but cannot compete in the capitalist system.  It is similar to when our government subsidizes important public programs and social services – libraries, public parks, wastewater treatment, healthcare, etc. – except that it empowers the individual to support causes she or he believes will benefit society, no matter how limited one’s financial ability to contribute."

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