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The internet can be a wonderful thing. Thanks to social media, I have made some amazing connections with fellow bloggers and others passionate about philanthropy. Emily is a young and bright philanthropist with big dreams.

Name: Emily Wavering
Age: 22
Live: Washington, DC
Personal blog:

Career: Tell me a bit about your career or the career you hope to have.

I’m a recent graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland, where I got my B.A. in economics, and volunteered heavily with Circle K International and Habitat for Humanity (for those of you who don’t know, Circle K International is the largest collegiate service organization in the world and the college branch of Kiwanis International). I’m heading to the College of William & Mary in the fall to get my Master’s Degree in Public Policy, and from there I dream of working with nonprofits that address hunger and homelessness.

Until my career dreams become reality, I’m working on a website called BlogCAUSE (you can find it at The goal of BlogCause is to create and support a community of bloggers who volunteer and blog about their volunteer work. 

Are you philanthropic? Why?
As a freshly minted college grad, I think I’m too poor to be philanthropic in the traditional monetary sense. But I do hope that someone describes me as philanthropic some day – that would be high praise

What does philanthropy mean to you? 
To me, philanthropy is giving in all senses – giving your time, your passion and your resources to help however you can.

What organization(s) do you donate time and/or money to? 
Let’s see, in the past I’ve worked with/donated to Habitat for Humanity, the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Locks of Love, Donor’s Choose, and Heifer International. But for the purposes of the next couple of questions, I’ll focus on the work that I’m doing to start BlogCause.

What do you do? I run an online community that encourages bloggers to volunteer. So basically, at this point in the game, I send bunches of emails and do lots of research to match bloggers with volunteer opportunities in their area.

Why do you support this (these) cause(s)? I’m a big fan of local, community action, and wanted to inspire people to serve their community. And, I’m very much of the mind that volunteer work is more fun when you can share your stories and opportunities that you enjoy!

How did you find these opportunities? Well, I sort of self-created the opportunity to run BlogCause. As for digging up opportunities for bloggers, and are both fantastic.

Do you enjoy it? I do! I find it really exciting to help people find unique opportunities to help their community, and I get a kick out of all the awesome nonprofits that I stumble upon.

If you had a million dollars to donate, what organization(s) would you give to? International or domestic? Why?
Toughest question on the page, right here. I think I’d give it to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, because I really support the many, many ways in which they’re working to end homelessness – advocacy, policy evaluation, practical programs, education…they’ve got it all.

Is there a philanthropist you admire?
There are many, but I most admire Mark Horvath, the founder of Invisible People. He does an incredible job of telling the stories of homeless men and women, and is a terrific inspiration.

What advice would you give to a young adult wanting to embark on a career in public or non-profit services?
Seeing as I am a young adult hoping to embark on a career in the nonprofit sector, I find myself asking other people this question a lot. Contact me in a couple of decades, and I might have an answer!

To learn how to join BlogCAUSE, contact or visit BlogCAUSE.

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