Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Philanthropy, Fashion, and Technology

Today we had the opportunity to guest post on a friend's blog! Be sure to check out the fabulous Cupcakes & Couture.

In day-to-day life, it can be hard to make the time to volunteer or save enough money to make a large donation. There are only so many hours in a day. Last week’s paycheck is already spent. When schedules fill up or an unexpected expense rears its ugly head, it can feel impossible to make a difference. BUT giving back is possible even for the busiest person on a tight budget, without any major changes to your every day life.


IT CAN BE AS SIMPLE AS SHOPPING. Leverage your next purchase and make a difference in someone’s life. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or if you are just rewarding yourself with something nice, check out the below companies who are making giving back easy for consumers!

Buy one, give one
(Courtesy of Oak lifestyle)

         Baby clothes and gear: Baby Teresa

         Bags (give meals): FEED Projects

         Backpacks: OAK Lifestyle (check out their pinterest board!)

         Blankets, comforters and sheets: Blanket America

         Comforters: The Company Store

         Dog/Pet items: Baxter & Birdie

         Dog collars/leashes (buy one, feed one) and AlphaPooch beds

         Glasses (optical and sunglasses): Warby Parker 

(check out my ABOUT ME page to see my Warby Parker purchase)

         Granola bars: Two Degrees (give a meal) and Kutoa (give a nutrition pack)

         Knit caps, scarves: Twice as Warm

         Rain boots: ROMA Boots

         Shoes and Sunglasses: TOMS

         Soap: Hand in Hand and Soap Box Soaps

         Soccer Ball: One World Futbol

         Socks: Mitscoots and Skyline Socks

         Stuffed animals, blankets and other child items: Everything Happy

         Ties (give back a school uniform): FIGS

         Toothbrushes: Smile Squared and Bogobrush

         T-shirts: Out of Print (book cover t-shirts give back a book) and You and Who

         Watches (plant a tree with each purchased): WeWOOD

Businesses who donate a percentage of their proceeds

Jewelry: Rachel's Cure by Design

          Headbands: Headbands of Hope

         Wine: Charity Wine

         Makeup: Laura MercierHuffington Post make-up picks

         Knittings: Knits for Life

Retail Charity goods

          Ten Thousand Villages

          Do good, buy us

          Gifts that Give

Smartphone Apps

         INSTEAD: Make small changes to your daily routines and donate your savings.

         BUDGE: Challenge your friends to some friendly competition for charity.

         ONETODAY: Learn about a new charity daily and donate $1 to causes that inspire you.


Download now and make a difference!

  • Charity Miles: We all walk, run, or bike. Earn money and raise awareness for charities by working out!
  • Earndit: Earn points exercising and redeems them for charities.
  • Donate a Photo: Donate a photo and help a cause.
  • Check-in for Good: Pick a cause, start your own campaign and check-in at participating businesses for donations.
  • Give 2 Charity: Make an impact by simply carrying your cell phone.

Do any readers know of other socially responsible companies? To learn more about operation philanthropy, email Renée at

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