Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Recently, OP has virtually connected with some fascinating philanthropists and I truly can not wait to share their stories and passions. Brendan Hieber, an "on-line" friend I made through a mutual connection, is one of these awe-inspiring individuals.

For 6 months, Brendan has been living and working with child laborers in the informal settlements in the poorest districts of Lima, Peru. Thousands of children live in shantytowns on the outskirts of Lima in poor health conditions. Due to the degrading poverty of these areas, most of the children are forced to work in domestic service. These children, as young as 9, suffer burns while cooking and are exposed to toxic chemicals when cleaning. They earn 2 -3 Nuevo Soles per day, which would be the equivalent of about one US dollar. As a consequence of their work, many perform poorly in school and have no time to play and make friends. Not only are they forced to give up their childhood, they are born into a life of second-class citizenship.

Volunteering through an organization known as Asociacion Grupo de Trabajos Redes (AGTR), Brendan works at La Casa de Panchita. This charity serves women and children from Lima. The facility functions as a safe haven where they can come, have clean water, learn English, and understand their rights as domestic workers. He recently launched a grassroots campaign to raise funds to support La Ludoteca, one of La Casa Panchita’s underutilized and under-funded buildings.

La Ludoteca

Human After All is about halfway to its fundraising goal of $22,000. All the money raised will go to extending the hours that La Ludoteca is open to the children, providing them with clean running water, sanitation, a daily snack, a psychologist, and educational toys.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider donating whatever money you can to this important and life-changing cause. Help these children become kids and provide them with the opportunities they need to create lasting change.
Donations can be made at GlobalGiving.
You can also use your phone:
Text GIVE 14103 to 80088 to donate $10 to Changing lives of child domestic workers in Peru. Message and data rates may apply. Only works for US mobile phones.
*To learn more about Brendan himself, check OP early next week to read his interview!*
If you have questions for Brendan about Human After All and its efforts in Peru, contact

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